As parents, our biggest desire for our children is to see them grow into the best versions of themselves. You want them to be equipped with the necessary tools to navigate this tumultuous world with confidence and ease. You want them to have the mental ability to rationally assess a situation and come up with a practical solution.

Additionally, it is also crucial for them to display control over their emotions so that they can interact well with their peers. And lastly, you are desperate to see your child learn how to best control, challenge, and nurture their bodies.

It is the combination of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual control that breeds an individual that will not only be capable of handling any situation that is thrown at them but will also be confident in their ability to do so.

Nevertheless, this is easier said than done. How can a parent foster this kind of discipline which breeds confidence in their child before they turn eighteen? While children can learn these skills at school, in team sports, and at home, martial arts is the best sport to develop these specific skills.

Martial arts consist of various disciplines that were developed as a means of uniting the body, mind, and spirit. They not only grow a person physically, but they also mold them mentally and spiritually. Here are five ways in which combat arts can instill self-discipline and confidence in your child.

1. Community

It is unfortunate that our sense of community has been on a steady decline over the last few decades. Most people today do not know or are not interested in their neighbors. More and more people are living isolated lives.

Combat arts training provides a sense of community. Children come together, learn from authorities, and become part of a long tradition of strength and discipline. They get to engage with peers who are in the same quest as them, which is vital in child development.

This interaction is vital for young kids as it teaches them emotional intelligence. The child quickly gets over their shyness or social anxiety issues as they are part of a group. Being part of such a strong community built on foundations of mutual respect dramatically enhances the child’s sense of worth.

2. Respect

Everyone today is complaining about how ‘kids of today’ are lacking in respect. They do not respect authorities or their peers. This depicts a lack of self-respect in the child.

In combat arts training, however, respect is quickly installed into the child. The training focuses on the student learning how to respect their masters, opponents, and their own abilities. Without this respect, this vital hierarchy would fall apart. This teaches the child to be less self-focused and to go out of their way for the good of everyone else.

3. Control

Even though TV shows and movies portray combat arts as being all about raw force and violence, they, in fact, rely on controlled movement. It is all about holding back then applying the necessary force when the opportunity presents itself. It is about strategizing to get the desired outcome. Thus, you cannot fly off into a blind rage, as this will present the ideal opportunity for your opponent to counter you and get the victory.

As such, students are taught how to control themselves. They learn how to be patient, which is a vital element of growth. They learn how to manage their destinies because it is up to them if they are going to move on to the next belt or not.

And although they are part of a community, combat arts are still an individual sport that depends on the person mastering themselves. Thus, to win in their competitions, the child learns how to take responsibility while persevering and working harder than their competition. They learn the value of effort and learn how to view the world in terms of the ‘I can’ and not ‘I can’t’ lens. When they achieve small victories due to these efforts, the child learns that they have control over their outcomes. This perpetuates a positive feedback loop that prompts them to continue working for the outcomes they desire from life.

4. Physical Empowerment

In a country marred by an obesity epidemic, a lot of children are currently suffering from being overweight. This takes away from their self-esteem in addition to making them the source of ridicule from their peers. Yet, by enrolling them in a combat arts school, you will enable them to learn how to master their bodies.

In addition to the physical and health benefits of training, combat arts enable children to develop mental fortitude due to the constant challenges they put their bodies through. Additionally, they become masters of fighting. But because their trainers have instilled control in them, they do not become aggressors; however, a bully cannot have their way with them.

The child becomes self-confident in their ability to take care of themselves and their friends. They are no longer timid nor afraid of others. This gives them the invaluable gift of assertiveness which will aid them greatly in their later lives.

5. Emotional and Mental Empowerment

While we cannot expect children or even ourselves always to have control over our environments, combat arts allow you to control your reactions.

With time, your child will become so confident in their abilities that they will not have to prove a point to anyone. The numerous defeats they have received during the learning process instill humility and respect into them. They have learned that they must balance their emotions if they desire a positive outcome.

Martial techniques have been around for millennia, and have positively shaped the society. For you to make progress in this sport, you must learn how to be humble while appreciating the value of hard work and patience. Thus, if you desire to bring up a confident and a well-behaved child, consider enrolling them in a martial arts class.


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