Victorville Tae Kwon Do



      Victorville Location Instructors


      Master Ji Mahn Nam

      4th Degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo
      (World Taekwondo Federation Certified Master)
      Athletic Director for Southern California Jr. and Sr. High school (in charge of P.E.)
      1st Degree Blackbelt in Hapkido
      5th Degree Black Belt in Jung Do Kwan
      Certified Instructing Credential from Kukkiwon
      HAGANAH Certified Instructor
      HAGANAH Certified Knife Tactical Instructor
      HAGANAH Certified Ground Survival Instructor
      F.I.G.H.T. Certified Instructor
      Qualified USA Taekwondo Coach
      Member solutions Inc. Mentoring Consultant
      Motivational speaker
      27 years of Martial Arts Experience
      California Tae Kwon Do Vice Chairman of education 2006-2009
      CPR Certified


      Head Instructor Joshua Rhee

      3rd  Degree Blackbelt
      (World Taekwondo Federation Certified ,Instructor)
      13 Years of Martial arts experience
      2 Years of Head Instructor Experience
      6 Years of Teaching Experience
      Level 3 Sr. Instructor
      Specializes in Multiple Weapons
      Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
      Art of Kum-do
      Torch Program Head Coach
      Head Coach of VVTKD Competition Team
      Head Coach of VVTKD Demo Team
      CPR Certified


      Instructor Tuan Le

      1st Degree Blackbelt
      (World Taekwondo Federation Certified ,Instructor)
      Torch Program Coach
      4 Years of Teaching Experience
      Competition Team Coach
      Level 2 Instructor
      Demo Team Coach
      CPR Certified



      Program Director Audrey Millan

      Program Director
      CPR Certified







      Instructor Sierra Gruenzner

      1st Degree Blackbelt
      (World Taekwondo Federation Certified, Instructor)
      7 Years of Martial arts Experience
      G.O.L.D. Leader
      Level 1 Instructor
      Torch Assistant Coach
      Competition Team Assistant Coach
      Demo Team Assistant Coach
      CPR Certified


      Instructor Imari Vigil

      1st Degree Black Belt In Taekwondo
      (World Taekwondo Federation Certified Instructor)
      Level 1 Instructor
      G.O.L.D. Leader